Black Voter Suppression Following 2020 Elections No Coincidence


by BA 48 Views

(Photo: NAACP) The new voter restriction laws popping up over the country since the 2020 elections are said to be in response to unproven claims of voter fraud, yet they seem to be more in response to voter turnout and who exactly ‘turned out’ in those elections. In the 2020 elections we saw a record number of Black voters exercising their right. And following that we’re seeing efforts to suppress voters. Coincidence? I think not.Georgia has certainly been the most notable state to accept these new laws. Also in Georgia, organizers like Stacey Abrams worked to register more than 800,000 new voters. This was a huge success, as Georgia was the key state for ensuring Democratic presidential victory and Senate control. It was with this new wave of voters in Georgia that the voter suppression laws, signed off by the Republican Brian Kemp, followed.And I ask again: coincidence?