Black Voters Matter Fund: Joe Biden Got it Right

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LaTosha Brown, co-founder of Black Voters Matter Fund, issued the following statement in response to Presidential nominee Joe Biden’s announcement that Senator Kamala Harris will join his campaign as his running mate:“Our call for change on this year’s Democratic ticket has been answered. Today, Joe Biden, had the opportunity to make history by selecting a Black woman to be his running mate, and made it a reality. This is great news for progress and our democracy. Congratulations to Senator Kamala Harris. Thank God she was so ambitious!“On the eve of the anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which did not secure our right to vote, this is a historic win for Black women, who have long been disenfranchised.“Let’s all take a minute to acknowledge the significance of this moment. This victory was shaped not just by this individual, but also by the hundreds and thousands of nameless Black women on whose shoulders she stands. Even in recent weeks, Black women have been organizing and lifting their voices to hold Biden accountable for being on the right side of history.“It’s also important in this moment to acknowledge the break away from our country’s patriarchal and racist ways. Biden’s choice for VP opens...