Blow: The Supreme Court as an instrument of oppression

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by BA 13 Views comments - (Photo/Twitter) Opponents of equality know this well. That’s why they focus so heavily on the courts. It is why Sen. Mitch McConnell stole an appointment from Barack Obama and defied his own rationale for doing so — because it was an election year — to rush Amy Coney Barrett onto the court.There are no inviolable rules for those bent on oppression. There is only winning, at all costs, no matter the casualties. Conservatives would abide a boor like Donald Trump because he could give them the judges they wanted, the judges who are now poised to reverse federal abortion protections. The court is a product of the framers of the Constitution. And, for all their flashes of brilliance, they made some terribly flawed decisions about our government. That’s why originalists, those who believe that judgments by the court must conform to how the founders understood the Constitution when it was written, are so dangerous.