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Bodies Found Of 3 Detroit Hip-Hop Artists Who Were Missing: 3 Things To Know About Murders

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When the story was first reported in January about three hip-hop artists in the Detroit area who mysteriously went missing after their Jan. 21 show was canceled, it left many with questions. Why did all three go missing? Why would three out-of-town artists be targeted?They lived in other parts of Michigan and had traveled together for the show in Detroit.Two weeks after they were reported missing, the bodies of Armani Kelly, 28, Dante Wicker, 31, and Montoya Givens, 3, were discovered in an abandoned apartment building. Here are three things to know about the murders. 1. Performance canceled, artists gone missingThe three were to perform on Jan. 21 at a Detroit club called Lounge 31. The show was abruptly canceled. Soon after, they were missing.Activity on their cell phones stopped early on Jan. 22, according to authorities. Kelly’s mother reported him missing on Jan. 23, Michael McGinnis, commander of major crimes at the Detroit Police Department, told Click Detroit.“That mother became very proactive in the investigation and started searching for her vehicle through OnStar,” McGinnis. The mother found the car in Warren, Michigan, just a few miles from Highland Park, McGinnis said, and authorities recovered the vehicle on Jan. 23.As...