Body Image & Self-Esteem: Promoting A Healthy Body Positivity Culture In College

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More people than we think struggle with body image and healthy body positivity. No one is too old or young to struggle with this. In environments where many people are gathered and familiar with each other, there is bound to be some negativity and insecurities. For college students, learning to navigate life with healthy self-esteem and body image is incredibly important. Here are some tips to remember to achieve this. Compliments For Healthy Body Positivity Positive speech has more impact than some people believe. Many cultures and religions practice variations of positive speech by doing manifestations, setting goals, or praying. Start growing a healthy relationship with your body and physical appearance by using positive speech and complimenting yourself at least twice daily. It’s best to compliment yourself after getting ready for your day and when you are comfortable or ready for bed. This may be uncomfortable, but the results are worth it. Start by looking in the mirror, pick out something you like or enjoy about your body or appearance, and compliment yourself. Do this twice a day to give yourself a chance to notice something you want about yourself as your appearance changes throughout the day. Using positive and...