Boxer Azea Augustama Arrested After Planning Miami Gym Mass Shooting After Purchasing AK-47

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I keep saying that it’s time the United States takes a critical look at its gun laws, but it seems no one cares. Every now and then, someone gets shot, and yet nothing is done about it.According to reports, one Haitian boxer named Azea Augustama who competed at the 2008 Beijing Olympics has been busted after threatening on social media to shoot members of a gym he used to attend. Azea Augustama, known as the “Haitian Hitman,” faces two counts of making written threats to commit a mass shooting and one count of making a written threat to kill or cause bodily harm.Augustama had his membership revoked at the BOXR Gym located in Miami on November 11th. Following a verbal altercation with one of the employees, police were called and Augustama was removed from the facility for trespassing.Eleven days later, on November 22nd, around nine in the morning, Augustama contacted the police and was planning on returning to the gym to retrieve personal belongings.