Breathing Again at the Start of a New Challenge

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by BA 20 Views

Commentary by Sandra Long Weaver Tribune Editorial Director We’ve been holding our breath for 11 months.  It started when we all watched the video of the public lynching of Mr. George Floyd last May 25. For 9 minutes and 29 seconds, we watched as former police officer Derek Chauvin put his full body weight on the neck of Floyd. Sandra Long Weaver Tennessee Tribune Editorial DirectorPhoto by PJ Fischer We heard Mr. Floyd say over and over again that he could not breathe. He even called out for his deceased mother. We saw Chauvin put his hands in his pockets and look into the camera with a smirk on his face.  But he did not stop kneeling on Mr. Floyd. He continued to kneel on his neck even after he was dead.  We continued to hold our breath during the murder trial of Chauvin over the last three weeks as witnesses, including police officials, testified against Chauvin.  And we grew anxious during the 10 hours the jury deliberated before convicting him on all three counts of murder. With the video and all of the evidence against Chauvin, we knew it was not a certainty that he would be convicted. But...