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Social media is in an uproar over Bronny James’ prom. It’s not soo much that people are not happy about the teen’s growth. Some are angry because Savannah and LeBron James’ son decided to take a white girl to prom as his date. Some trolls questioned Bronny’s choice. A few even resorted to calling the teen’s date derogatory names. Dozens, however, came to the defense of the two teens. “Everybody that’s trying to speak poorly on LeBron James’ son and the young woman he took to prom is trash,” one Twitter follower declared. “He can date who he wants, white or black,” the supporter continued. “She is more than worthy of being with Bronny. [There is] nothing wrong with an interracial couple.” Another supporter said, “Food and water shortages looming, chaos in the world unfolding, babies starving, people dying, pestilences looming and adults are worried about the color of #BRONNYJAMES prom date. Celeb worship has to stop. I hope y’all learning how to survive off the land while you stress bs.” Bronny James attends Sierra Canyon School in the Chatsworth neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. The private school, much like the suburban neighborhood of Chatsworth, has a majority White student...