Build Wealth with Your Phone: The Best Money Apps to Download Now

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Wealth building can be simple and easy, especially when it’s at your fingertips. Grow your personal finance muscle with these Black-owned apps and tools designed for Black families. From financial education and investing to online banking, these digital platforms are available on Google Play and the App Store. Financial Literacy Apps “Achieve financial freedom faster” with Qoins Co-founders Christian Zimmerman and Nate Washington Jr. launched Qoins to provide a solution for tackling debt and building healthy financial habits. How it works: Set a goal, choose your transfer method, track progress, and erase debt. The app uses automation technology to turn small transfers throughout the month into one big monthly contribution towards your debt or savings goals. Highlight Feature: The Qoins Visa debit card is designed to help you pay down debt or add to your savings. It comes with a Qash-back Rewards program, a 10% cash-back on roundups, and a $50 direct deposit bonus. Cost: Free app download. For $4.99 a month, the company offers an array of benefits, including easy automation technology and cash back towards debt or savings goals with the Qoins Card. You can receive all benefits and save $10/year if you opt to pay $49.99/year. &...