Burning Books: Missouri GOP Candidate Channels the KKK and Nazi Tactics in Ominous Promise

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In a move that reeks of the most horrific chapters of history, including the KKK’s racist bonfires and the Nazis’ mass burning of Jewish texts, Missouri State Senator (who is running for Governor), Bill Eigel promises to engage in public book burnings if elected governor.& Yes, you read that right: a modern-day, would-be American leader is resorting to a tactic synonymous with totalitarian regimes and terrorist groups.& Eigel, a far-right extremist and white supremacist, has made it abundantly clear that he’s running a campaign aimed at the lowest common denominator of the Missouri Republican Party’s base—those who favor oppressive actions over democratic principles. The senator brazenly announced his incendiary intentions after a viral video showed him and fellow Republican State Sen. Nick Schroer using flamethrowers to incinerate cardboard boxes at a fundraising event.& Nick Schroer defensively claimed that the box-burning charade was part of a “Freedom Fest” hosted by the St. Charles County Republican Central Committee. Yet, the irony is too thick to ignore: “Freedom Fest,” featuring freedom-crushing acts that bring back memories of atrocities committed in the name of racial purity and ideological supremacy. Eigel has since doubled down on his virulent message, … “let’s be clear, you bring...