Capitulation via compliance

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A picture is worth a thousand words and screams how Texas feels about its slaves – oh, we mean prisoners. Is this enough to elicit an appropriate collective response? by Brian Fuller I’ve always loved the beauty of words. It’s a shame that I’m forced to waste them addressing such ugliness.& For decades I let the fear of inadequacy supersede the urgency of my purpose. My reasons for writing to you are simple – those of you on the outside have far greater intelligence and resources.& Everyone knows about systemic malfeasance. Our misperception of a problem which appears too big to solve is the very paradox which allowed this monster to grow. The Prison Industrial Complex was built under the guise of public safety. Now we know it was only a clever ruse for one of the biggest racketeering schemes the world has ever seen.& The one thing corrupt people who abuse their power fear the most is TRUTH! They operate outside parameters of ethics, morals and even the law. Regardless of how intricate this web of deception is, there is always a way in. People will treat you as bad as you let them. Every day I see the...