Cardinal Dolan Excusing NYPD Abuse and Murder is Sinful

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[Timothy Cardinal Dolan\NYPD] Black Star News: "Cardinal Dolan, your comments are insensitive, at the very least. They are offensive to every Black New Yorker targeted, daily, by the institutional racism that is deeply embedded in the NYPD." Photo: YouTube Tags:& Timothy Cardinal DolanNYPDGeorge FloydRayshard BrooksBreonna TaylorAhmaud ArberyJudge Jane BarwickGarrett Rolfe Amadou DialloMalcolm FergusonTimothy StansburyKimani GrayAkai GurleyRamarley GrahamPatrick DorismondTamon RobinsonOusmane ZongoDelrawn SmallDwayne JeuneSaheed VassellSean BellEric GarnerDaniel PantaleoPapal BullsChristopher...