Care Corner: Improving communication in caregiving

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By Dr. Tyra Oldham To think about care means to give a quality of life to others no matter someone’s age, health, or challenges. It is easy to overlook those in care. For some, seeing a potential future can make them uncomfortable—further, it is easy for others to ignore people they do not value. Moreover, there can be a dismissive quality toward those perceived as infirm, weak, old, or not contributing to some form of productivity in society. The ability to care has a visual and perceptual component inherent in the communication style of those in care. Communication is relevant to the person in care so that their needs are met for a better quality of life. How often have you experienced someone speaking to a senior and raising their voice to communicate? Another example is not listening to the person in care to move on with your day, creating a narrative for the other that the person in care does not confirm. Yes, there are those in care that communication is more than a challenge and potentially impossible, but the goal for a caregiver to try. As a caregiver, there is essential patience in listening. Listening can lead to...