Carmelo Anthony Linked to Vanessa Chantal After Kim Kardashian Found His Secret Twins & Lala Starting Dating Da’Vinchi

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BSO reported on how Carmelo Anthony’s ex-wife LaLa has started dating her 26-year-old BMF co-star Da’Vinchi, but what seemed to get people talking was the fact that they weren’t aware that Carmelo had been accused of having twins with Lee Daniels’ niece Miy Lee. Lee told Hollywood Unlocked that Carmelo didn’t want LaLa to know about the kids, so they moved to the UK. LaLa eventually did find, thanks to her best friend Kim Kardashian hiring a private investigator to track the babies down.As time went on, she was no longer able to have the abortion so the two came up with a plan: To avoid controversy, they both agreed for her to fly out to London to have the babies with the agreement that he would come out there and visit when his season was over.Carmelo suggested making the babies British citizens.