Cashchart gives relief to it’s royal customers


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By Reporter Through it’s Ugandan ambassador Annatalia Ozzy, cash chart, a financial technology and social app has provided relief(money) to it’s customers by not only giving posho to the ministry of health as sighted the previous week but also sending direct cash using Annatalia’s Social Media platforms. If you are asking yourself what cashchart is, it’s an app that is used for extensive services such as advertising , buying airtime ,paying bills and others transactions and it’s aimed at making social media more useful. “Due to the corona pandemic and the increasing cases of gender based violence that was addressed by our ambassador Annatalia who advocates for gender equality. We thought about our royal customers and the victims(gender balanced violence) we opted to use Annatalia’s Social Media platforms because of her good reputation and her massive following to reach out our customers by sending them direct money on their phones” Mr.asha Namanya the CEO of cash chart said. He applauded annatalia for being a creative hardworking and passionate ambassador despite the pandemic . He still asked Ugandans to follow the directives issued by the President and the ministry of health as a way of keeping their lives safe and he...