Cast of the movie ‘Couch Party’ discuss their roles during meet & greet

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Last weekend the cast from the film “Couch Party” came together at one of the most popular spots from the movie, Chilly Philly.  “Couch Party,” which was written and directed by North Carolina native Nachela Knox and distributed by Homestead Entertainment, was filmed entirely on location here in Winston-Salem. The movie is a comedy about a young woman named Briella who flees to the small town of Maple Creek in hopes of escaping her abusive husband. However, Briella and her new found friend Joy quickly realize that their problems are just beginning when they’re gifted an old couch that has a unique kind of magic – when men sit on it, they immediately fall into a coma.  Briella is played by Kenyetta Cook. When discussing the film and her role, Cook said after reading the script she felt like she could really relate to Briella’s “awkwardness.”  “My friends tell me all the time that I play awkward roles well because I’m kinda awkward sometimes,” Cook laughed. “I like playing the awkward nerdy girl with glasses who can’t dance and that’s what spoke to me when I read the script.”  Joy, Briella’s roommate and best friend, is played by LaTonja Lawson....