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Lil Bow Wow On People Saying They Can’t Name 3 Of His Songs

Bow Wow has reacted to people saying they cannot name three of his songs if they were forced to. Sh*t got to Bow Wow, and he responded quickly. According to him, he will start telling people he’s 56 years old so that they can remember his songs....

- 1 hour ago

LeBron and Lakers Hit the Club With IG Models After Loss to HEAT

The Los Angeles Lakers players turned things up and partied hard in Miami despite losing to Heat. Page Six says that the LA Lakers had a blast tipping back some very pricey drinks, including a $10,500 bottle of vino. On Saturday night, Carmelo A...

- 6 hours ago

Woman Sets Her Boyfriend on Fire at the Bar With Vodka and a Taser

Do people not watch movies anymore? If you watch any movies, especially older ones, you know that vodka can catch fire even though it isn’t considered flammable.Here is why.Vodka itself is not considered a flammable liquid – but it can catch fir...