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Watch Midland Cops Racially Profile Young Black Man During Traffic Stop, Pull Up With 7 Cops Cars Guns Drawn, Assault a 90-Year-Old Grandmother & The Young Man; DA Says She Has No Problem With Their Actions; The Offense to Cause All This Force? Rolling Th

The young man Tye Anders did the right thing. When he saw cops were racially profiling him, he drove to what he thought was a safe place his grandmother’s house. While at BEST this should have just been a standard ticket, cops escalated...

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South Africa: Cape Town Rondebosch Golf Club

BY AAGD STAFF May 28, 2020 — Located at Cnr Access Road and, Golf Course Rd, Mowbray, Cape Town, South Africa is the Cape Town Rondebosch Golf Club (RGC).  Widely known as “Cape Town’s Golf Course of Choice” the...