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- 1 day ago

Colin Kaepernick Explains How If Cops Weren’t Murdering and Brutalizing Black People on Daily Basis There Wouldn’t Be Any Revolts; Don’t Blame The Action Without Looking at the Cause First Which is Murdering Cop Derek Chauvin (Tweets-Vids)

For whatever reason people assume black people like having to deal with racism. That is why you hear terms like Race Card and Race-baiting. I want you to think about this, why would anyone want to deal with racism on a daily basis. Why woul...

- 1 day ago

Twitter Tells Actor Shameik Moore He’s Lost His Mind After He Blames Black People For Not Learning How to Deal With Racism and The Police; Throws Out “Black on Black” Crime & Says Cops Wouldn’t Kill Him Because He’s One of The “Good Blacks” (Tweets-Vids)

It is ok to be silent.This isn’t the time to make black people feel like it is our fault for not dealing with racism and cops.That subservient attitude has gotten us absolutely nowhere in 400 years. We have been waiting and complying for centur...