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- 4 days ago

Watch White Woman Lie & Use The Fake Scared Voice About Black Man Threatening Her in The Park For Asking to Put Her Dog on Leash; Makes Point of Saying it is a Black Man Because She Knows Cops Kill Black People; Sidenote She Almost Chokes Her Dog to Death

This isn’t surprising. The black guy doesn’t move at all. She comes towards him in a threatening manner while he politely asks her not to come near him. She then in turn calls the cops and acts hysterical even though no one is do...

- 4 days ago

Ayesha Curry Replies to Backlash Over Her Bikini Pics After She Said She Prefers to Stay Classy Over Barely Wearing Clothes For The Gram; Explains That She Was in Her 20s Having Babies Before, But Now Its Her Time to Shine (Tweets-Vids-Thirst Traps)

You have to be real careful what you put out into the universe. Even though we know that people’s opinions change over the years, some opinions will always be brought back up. In this case, Ayesha Curry is never going to live down her t...