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- 2 days ago

How the Supreme Court Gave Cops a License to Kill - Derek Chauvin’s defense team is hoping that the 1989 Graham v. Connor ruling will be his ticket to acquittal.Tweeted by @TwitWiter123

- 3 days ago

Texas GOP voting restrictions blasted as Jim Crow 'in a tuxedo' - Two nights of voting in Houston, eight months apart, each occurring as midnight slipped by, lay bare the fault line cutting through Texas' ongoing debate about voter suppression.First, the March 3, 2…Tweeted by @RawStory https://twitte...

- 3 days ago

U.S. Companies Push Case for Ballot Access After Georgia Fumble - U.S. companies are leveraging their influence against the next wave of Republican-backed bills that tighten state voting rules, after a more conciliatory response failed to stop a similar law last mo…Tweeted by @PimaDems https://twitt...