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- 5 months ago

Will Upcoming DACA Case Further Upend Dream of Dreamers?

(Photos: YouTube) Judge Andrew Hanen’s ruling allowed existing DACA recipients to apply for two-year renewals while the court case moves through appeals, but it prohibits approval of any new applications.The case has moved to the 5th Circuit Court of...

- 5 months ago

America’s Misguided Hero-Worship of Police Is Failing Us

(Photos: Twitter\YouTube) Now, with President Biden, Mayor Adams, and leaders across the country pushing to involve police in more aspects of our lives, it is worth pausing to ask: Does our hero-worship of police actually match reality? Does addin...

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Dallas NAACP My Day

By Dr. J. Ester Davis THE FANNIE LOU HAMER STAGE PLAY Fannie Lou Hamer (1917 – 1977) occupies a very unique space in our history and represents thousands of women born and raised in this time and space in our history. Her story is riveting because yo...