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- 4 weeks ago

Celebrating My Older Son's Journey Around the Sun

The night before he turned seven #PokemonTrainerSeven is the number of completeness and perfection (both physical and spiritual).& And this past week, my perfect son completed his seventh journey around the sun. It's nearly impossible to describe wh...

- 1 month ago

Cake Bandit!

Not sure how it goes down in your house, but my kids (especially the baby) steal sweets! &

- 1 month ago

Virtual School Is Taxing Families

Kids contemplating the futureTax breaks are designed to help encourage citizens to engage in certain behaviors or make certain purchases that are deemed to be in the interest of society at large. This past year, parents of children in large urban dis...

- 2 months ago

Five Tips To Surviving COVID19 With Three or More Children

The stress during this pandemic has been rising like the tide. So, we have to become stronger swimmers!I am on social media a lot. It's a chicken and egg thing. Am I on it a lot because I'm a blogger or am I a blogger because I am on it a lot? These...

- 3 months ago

Celebrating Life During the COVID19 Pandemic

The January 15th birthday boy& January 15th is the Founders' Day for my beloved sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Incorporate. It is Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. It is also my husband's birthday. One year, our daughter did a project about Martin Lut...

- 3 months ago

My Son's Third Birthday

Birthday Boy“May the joy that you have spread in the past come back to you on this day. Wishing you a very happy birthday!” AnonymousOn this day three years ago, I gave birth to a little boy who is already making the world a better place with snuggle...

- 3 months ago

Merry Christmas from Our Family to Yours!

Rejoice in the spirit of Christmas which is Peace, the miracle of Christmas which is Hope, and the heart of Christmas which is Love. -UnknownDespite the COVID-19 chaos we were able to carve out time to make magical Christmas memories. There was the e...

- 4 months ago

Celebrating Ordinary Joys in the Midst of COVID19

An ordinary fall day in PittsburghI have found that one of the secrets to success is to discover the beauty in ordinary days. I learned that lesson before the COVID19 pandemic, but the lesson has screamed more loudly since the pandemic has ensued. Ca...

- 4 months ago

Life as we know it changed on November 7th

At my birthday partyI realize that I post less when I am trying to process the world. I think it's because I generally share thoughts on this blog after I have made sense of things, as opposed to when I am still working through them. The problem late...

- 5 months ago

Happy Halloween! #Halloween2020

Everything is a bit odd in 2020. We are living as if in a fog. The fog is filled with doubt and uncertainty about our futures. And yet, as my sister Reenah Golden would say, we press on. Halloween was no different. My husband was resolute about takin...

- 5 months ago

The Importance of Celebrating Halloween During the Pandemic

Toddler with PumpkinSeveral years ago I posted a piece entitled,& "Four Family Friendly Halloween Fun Tips"& . I had forgotten all about it until today when I was about to start writing this one. Upon reviewing it, I realized that I completed the it...

- 6 months ago

COVID19 Has Driven Working Moms to the Brink

& “Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you,"& Ruth Bader Ginsburg& & Like many, I am gutted by the loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg from the land of the living. The loss of her presence. The loss of h...

- 6 months ago

Horizon Thoughts...

In the midst of it all, find things to make you smile. Your sanity depends on it. #COVID19