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by Staff - 6 days ago

‘Lalo’s House,’ where foreigners exploit Haitian children

Review by The People’s Minister of Information JR I’ve been to Haiti twice, so “Lalo’s House” tugged at my heartstrings and was the most gut wrenching, tear jerking film that I have seen in this year’s San Francisco Black Film Festival. While...

by Staff - 6 days ago

‘Birth of Afrobeat’

Review by The Minister of Information JR In September 2017, the Chicago Afrobeat Project released their fourth studio album, “What Goes Up,” featuring Afrobeat pioneer Tony Allen. During their time together, Allen would recount his role in cr...

by Staff - 1 week ago

‘Soar, Torian, Soar’: Homage to profound human suffering

Torian’s mother, Audrey Candy Corn, and Tiny (Lisa Gray-Garcia) of Homefulness create a ritual to burn Torian’s belongings, a sad task mandated by homelessness. by Carol Harvey From before September 2011, when San Francisco Occupy hit town, I...