Cathy Hughes Founded Radio One On This Day In 1980

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& Source: Derek White / Getty As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built overnight, and the same holds resoundingly true for Urban One, Inc. But it’s taken a considerably less amount of time for Cathy Hughes to build what first started as Radio One into the formidable multimedia empire that it has become today. October 3rd marks the 43rd anniversary of when Hughes founded Radio One, a project of her own passions that she turned into one of the top Black-owned businesses in the United States. MORE: A Timeline Of How Cathy Hughes Built A Black Empire From its humble beginnings as a broadcast radio-only business model to not only owning dozens and dozens of radio stations around the country but also making triumphant expansions into television and the internet, Radio One’s ultimate transformation into Urban One is nothing short of remarkable. Not only from a business standpoint but also from one that is cultural, as the umbrella company’s successful media outlets reach a stunning number of Black households — more than 80% of Black households, to be sure. From TV One to Radio One to Reach Media to One Solution iOne Digital — the company’s digital arm that serves...