Celebrating Independence Day


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Celebrating the Fourth of JulyOur nation was founded on the ideals that every free man should have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Recent events have shown us that although slavery has been unlawful since 1865, freedom is not experienced in equal measure by all American citizens. Black and brown people remain bound by the systems of power even though the law abolished slavery.We are confronting very serious questions and critical decisions need to be made. However, in the meantime, we celebrate.Family celebrating Independence DayBlack People Celebrate Independence Day TooWe celebrate because we know that our forefathers confronted more serious challenges and yet they survived.We celebrate because we appreciate that our grandparents were smart and worked hard yet they were denied their due and still they sang.& We celebrate because we understand that our parents sacrificed so that we could have more opportunities and raise our children to dream big.We celebrate because we are still here, fighting the fight, telling our story, and because of above all else, we are still breathing!So, this holiday weekend, I stayed with my dad, had breakfast, lunch and dinner, swam at the pool with my family, tried to catch fireflies,...