Celebrating my daughter's birthday


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Little girl on a bridgeMy daughter's eleventh birthday was this past Saturday. Eleven years ago my heart discovered a love it never imagined and she has enriched every day since. She is her own person. She is smart, sassy, and stylish. I get prouder every day.& She has accomplished several things during her brief life. Some of those accomplishments are impressive--like appearing in two commercials. Some of those accomplishments are mundane--like learning to make her bed every day. That said, her most amazing accomplishment is transforming me into someone who is willing to open her heart up to an incomparable and indescribable love.& She made me a mama. She inspires me with her fearless. She has made me more thoughtful. She has challenged me to live more authentically. And, she has made me better.& This past summer, we vacationed together in Puerto Rico, just us girls. She amazed me with her maturity and her coolness. Being with her was so much fun! I got to experience her in a completely different way.It turns out she loves Sprite, watching cartoons and sleeping in. She also enjoys a good adventure and doesn't mind being inconvenienced and lost in a rain forest so...