Chauvin’s Cowardly Invocation of Fifth Amendment Indicates His Guilt


by BA 55 Views

(Photos: YouTube) On Monday, closing arguments in the Derek Chauvin murder trial will begin after his defense rested Thursday with Chauvin’s invocation of his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. Chauvin’s cowardly refusal to testify is more proof that he is nothing more than a cold-blooded murderer. He now hopes one juror will distort justice and help him obtain a hung jury. Legal experts will opine that Chauvin’s invocation of his Fifth Amendment right should not be seen as an admission of guilt. That view is the standard legal definition we have been taught about the Fifth Amendment.However, Derek Chauvin is being tried for the crime of murder when he was a police officer. He was not a civilian when he murdered George Floyd as he is now.Why should it matter whether he was a civilian of police officer?Well, we should ask ourselves this question: should’ve we hold people who carry the title “law enforcement officer” to a higher standard than we do for civilians?We often hear police apologists complain that Black America says nothing about so-called “Black-on-Black-crime.” For one thing, this red herring argument ignores the fact that all racial groups primarily victimize members of their own group at similar...