Chicago Failed to Enforce Law Requiring City Contractors to Disclose Links to Slavery: Officials

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by BA 49 Views comments - (Photo/Twitter) Twenty years ago, Chicago became the first city in the nation to pass a law requiring firms doing business with the city to disclose whether they profited from slavery. Now two decades later, there is no record that Chicago leaders — during the tenure of three mayors — fully implemented the law, officials said Thursday.Designed to expose the horrors of the slave trade and its foundational role in America’s economy, the ordinance requires the city’s chief procurement officer to report annually to the Chicago City Council about the disclosures made by firms that provide goods or services to the city.But Ald. Stephanie Coleman (16th Ward), the chair of the Subcommittee on Reparations, said Thursday her efforts to obtain two decades of those reports had been unsuccessful. Coleman said she had hoped to use that information to guide the next steps of the subcommittee.