Christopher Collins Kills His Wife Yuan Hua Liang Two Days After She Signs $250k Life Insurance Policy

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I am not trying to encourage any type of criminal activity, and it is clear that Collins should be put in jail for life, but who did he think the cops were going to suspect when his wife just signed a life insurance policy two days before she was shot? Was he that hard up for money?You have to play the long game if you are going to do something like this. You have to wait two years, not two days. Put this guy on the world’s dumbest criminals list. A Texas woman was found dead two days after she signed a $250,000 life insurance policy, and her husband has been charged with her murder, according to police.Christopher Collins, 41, has been charged in the death of his wife, Yuan Hua Liang, after her body was found inside their Cypress home on November 18.