Cincinnati Connector celebrates anniversary with record-breaking ridership

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Contributed The Connector continues to break ridership records with its best summer  ever, highlighted by passenger counts consistently topping 100,000 each month since May.  “We couldn’t be happier,” Lori Burchett, deputy director for streetcar operations with the Cincinnati Department of Transportation & Engineering, said of the ridership trend. “We are grateful to our customers for consistently using the service and to Transdev, our operations partner that keeps the streetcar running smoothly. It’s a great way to  celebrate the streetcar’s anniversary.” The streetcar, which began passenger service seven years ago this month, notched a  new all-time monthly record of 105,624 passengers in June and did so again in July with 111,320 passengers. The previous best was October 2022 with 103,700 passengers. Ridership in May nearly tied the old record with 102,189 passengers. A total of 101,988 passengers rode the streetcar in August. The momentum in 2023 comes on the heels of monthly records throughout & 2022. Ridership is on pace to hit another annual record in 2023 with 733,902 passengers during the first eight months of the year compared to 519,592 during the& same January – August period in 2022.& & Ridership on the Connector notched an all-time annual record of...