Class war – not the media hokey pokey – is what it’s all about

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Billionaire David Geffen shelters in place in this cute little crib by Norman Solomon Journalists aren’t supposed to “bury the lead.” But when death is the topic and corporate power is the culprit, the connection routinely goes unmentioned. Class war – waged methodically from the top down – is so constant and pervasive that it might seem unremarkable. The 24/7 siege to make large companies more profitable and the wealthy more wealthy is going on all around us. In the process, it normalizes avoidable death as a cost of doing business. Overall, news media are part of that normalization. While negative coverage of Donald Trump has been common due to his handling of the pandemic, media outrage has been muted in relation to the magnitude of the dying in our midst – at a time when most of the dying could have been prevented. Deaths tend to become less “newsworthy” as the numbers mount and shock gives way to tacit media acceptance. A new lethal reality is built on dominant structures that keep serving the financial priorities of the powerful.& Emphasis is often less about saving lives and more about saving the stock market. The storyline becomes more about “opening,”...