Classic Potato Salad

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This recipe is for Classic Potato Salad that is often sought after at most cookouts. This potato salad recipe is made with mayonnaise, hard-boiled eggs, sweet relish, yellow mustard, and a series of seasonings and spices. This is one of those dishes that you are not allowed to mess up when it comes to my family. Whether it is the holidays or a summer cookout, potato salad is a MUST at the side dish table. Not only is it a must to be present, but it is also a must that you cannot mess up. Meaning, potato salad must be made the traditional way. For us, the traditional way means mayo, mustard, eggs, relish, and a bunch of flavor from seasonings and spices.& You can’t bring potato salad a different way. It has to be THIS way. Believe me, I have tried a few variations in my day and got chewed out each and every time. So, I figure it is best for me to perfect the traditional style of potato salad that my family adored. What is in this potato salad recipe? As mentioned, the ingredients in this recipe are as follows: potatoesmayoyellow mustardsweet relishhard boiled eggscelery garlic powderonion...