CMO Emphasises Importance Of Early Start For Healthy Habits

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Saint Lucia’s Chief Medical Officer has told a World Health Organization (WHO) event of the need for healthy habits to start early in life. “Healthy behaviours and habits must start from very early,” Dr. Sharon Belmar-George observed. She explained that the education system was suitable for influencing young minds. “We must take advantage by integrating age-appropriate education into the school curriculum,” the Chief Medical Officer stated. The senior Health Ministry official revealed that Saint Lucia was working on a new programme to strengthen child and adolescent health through the school system via ‘the school health desk.’ Dr. Belmar-George spoke at the 75th session of the World Health Organization’s Regional Committee for the Americas. She told the event that holistic elderly care was also a priority for the Saint Lucia government. The Chief Medical Officer recalled that Saint Lucia recently launched a Golden 80 Health Programme. As of July 1st, 2023, all citizens eighty years and older could access medication, hearing, and eye care services at community wellness centres at no cost. The free services are available upon submission of any form of national identification. The Chief Medical Officer told the WHO gathering that Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) remain a significant concern...