Colorado AD Rick George Says They Don’t Have The Money To Pay Deion Sanders $5.9 Million Salary Yet

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Deion Sanders made a big splash over the weekend after it was announced that he would be leaving Jackson State to become the head coach of Colorado.The news met with many people who didn’t like it but also met with people who were very happy for Coach Prime.With his arrival in Colorado, Prime is set to have a massive bump in salary. He was making $300,000 at JSU, donating part of his salary to help the program, and now he will be driving north of $5 million. Except Colorado doesn’t exactly have money for him. That’s not speculation. It’s straight from the athletic director’s mouth. AD Rick George was asked how they came up with the money to afford Coach Prime, and he straight up said they don’t have it yet, but they’ll have it, and he’s not worried about it.