Commentary: A call to action: can Baltimore’s responsible adults please stand up?

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By Rev. Dr. Harold Carter Jr. I kind of recall hearing a report about a shooting in Edmondson Village involving several young persons recently. The news came after I returned home from our midweek worship service on Wednesday, Jan. 4, but it didn’t really register.& When I woke up Thursday morning I heard, with greater clarity. After which, I shared the information with my wife, Monique, as she was preparing for& her weekly prayer call, at 12 noon.& It occurred to me that morning that regrettably, having been inundated with similar news reports in 2022 that I’d become numb to news of the mass shooting: five Edmondson& Westside High School students had been shot in the Edmondson Village Shopping Center’s parking lot, just outside of Popeyes and one of them, 16 year-old Deanta Dorsey, died.& When I& heard the news that Thursday, in all honesty, it was the mention of Popeyes that caused me to& pay more attention, the second time. I don’t recall hearing that mentioned the evening before.& The shooting didn’t draw me in, nor did the mention of five young persons, but the Popeyes name struck a chord. I& recall saying to myself, ‘I know where that...