Commentary: A Matter of Survival

Black Local and National News

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By Oscar H. Blayton Denial can be deadly. I have heard narratives of Jews in the path of the Nazi onslaught who simply could not believe that Hitler’s followers could possibly be as bad as many had warned. And now I am hearing people of color refusing to believe that a terrible storm of racism isbrewing in America. The grotesque four-year performance of Donald Trump in the White House has given license to the worst elements among the American population to act out their fear and hatred of anyone they do not perceive to be like them. It’s time to stop listening to pundits and politicians who, while wringing their hands, proclaim, “This is not who we are.” This is exactly who we are. Actions speak louder than words and we are witnesses to centuries of racist, hateful actions. America is a country built on stolen land with slave labor. The principle used to justify this has never been anything other than “might makes right.” Or put another way, if you have the power to kill people, you can take their land and make them work for free. While this is a country born of injustice and built upon unfairness,...