Comrade Malik’s Black August message

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“Black August Resistance” – Art: Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, 264847, Pendleton Correctional Facility, G-20-2C, 4490 W. Reformatory Road, Pendleton, IN 46064 by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington, Liberate the Caged Voices “Black Men born in the U.S. and fortunate enough to live past the age of 18 are conditioned to accept the inevitability of prison. For most of us, it simply is the next phase in a sequence of humiliations. Being born a slave in a captive society and never experiencing any objective basis for expectation had the effect of preparing me for the progressively traumatic misfortune that lead so many black men to the prison gate. I was prepared for prison. It required only minor psychic adjustments.” – Comrade George L. Jackson Revolutionary Greetings, Comrades! We Black men and women in Amerika know exactly how to “do prison.” But today I am wanting to “do freedom.” My pursuit of freedom is not just for myself but for every prisoner trapped in a cage all across the U.S., Canada, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, which includes my Palestinian sisters and brothers trapped in Israeli gulags. My personal struggle for freedom has been aided and assisted by a “rainbow coalition” of comrades from...