Cooper Hasn’t Met With His Critics

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NASHVILLE, TN – Every Friday you will find Kristen Grimm outside Representative Jim Cooper’s office holding a pink sign. Grimm is founder of Mothers for Medicare for All. She has a special needs child and spends a lot of time arguing with his insurance company that refuses to pay for the medication he needs to live. “We have a new bill rolling over in Congress, HR 1976. He (Cooper) did not sign on to HR 1384. He did sign on in 2017 to Medicare for All legislation. He’s waffling on healthcare. We need our legislators, our leaders in this country, to not waffle on anything in regards to healthcare. We need comprehensive healthcare reform,” Grimm said. Grimm would know. She is plagued by debt collectors for unpaid medical bills from her son’s care at a children’s hospital. She spoke to a small crowd of regulars last week from a coalition of progressive groups like Veterans For Peace (VFP), the Peace and Justice Center, Our Revolution, and “I hope he comes today and we can talk to him,” said Jane Hussain, a veteran activist with Nashville Peace & Justice Center. Tom Grose is a member of Veterans For Peace (VFP).  ...