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Congratulations to Cordell Broadus and his wife, Phia Broadus, on the expectancy of their third child. Phia shared the exciting news of the family’s expansion during the Thanksgiving season. “Thankful for my kids and husband,” Phia told her social media fans. She also shared pictures of family in what appeared to be a holiday shoot. Fans could not help but to notice Phia’s baby bump in the pictures. “Congratulations on your new little bundle of joy,” one social media follower wrote in response to the news. “Congratulations to the big sisters getting promoted,” another fan shared. Cordell and Phia Broadus welcomed their first child, Cordoba, in 2019. The couple’s second child, Chateau, was born last year. Cordell has been quite busy getting into the metaverse these past few months. It was during a recent interview that Broadus, who owns Champ Medici, gave his thoughts about the growing industry. “After I saw the hype disappear and when the crash happened, I knew it was going to be even bigger when it returned,” Cordell said of the world’s business sector a decade ago. “Not just cryptocurrency in general, but just all the creativity surrounding cryptocurrency and the utility it has to offer,”...