Could San Francisco, capital of anti-Blackness, become a sanctuary city for Black lives?

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Dr. Zea Malawa by Zea Malawa, MD, MPH Dear San Francisco,& I write to you as your Black daughter, one who is three generations rooted in this city, and one who had all but given up on you. Today, however, in the spirit of Juneteenth, I am thinking I can feel the fresh breath of something new in the air. Is it hope? Should I trust it? I want to. But, San Francisco, you have near broken me with the profundity of your anti-Black racism. You have excluded us completely from the richness that has become emblematic of our city. Your police department has been abusing us for decades, as has your justice system, your health care systems, and your school district. And even though this abuse literally robs years from our lives, you don’t feel you owe us anything, not even an apology.& You have all but cheered our disappearance from your neighborhoods over these last decades; it’s like you can’t even see what you have lost. Hardest of all, perhaps, is seeing how you treat Black children. I am a pediatrician and a mother – and the racism I have to watch our children endure steals my breath....