Crispy Fish Tacos with Cilantro Lime Slaw


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Make a change to your Taco Tuesday and try these Crispy Fish Tacos with Cilantro Lime Slaw. Coated in panko bread crumbs leaving a crunchy bite and topped with a deliciously zesty and cream Cilantro Lime Slaw.

One of my favorite places to eat downtown Cincinnati is Bakersfield. It is a trendy bar that sells tacos, tortas, and has the best guacamole that I have ever had. It is fairly inexpensive and a perfect place for a nightcap (probably because they stay open until 2 am). They have very unique tacos that will satisfy the hunger of any carnivore and even vegans! They have chicken, braised short ribs, pork, portabella, and roasted poblano tacos, and the list goes on. My favorite taco is their crispy fish tacos.

Man, let me tell you about this taco!

The fish is made with Mahi Mahi and fried crispy, topped with shredded cabbage, and a bunch of other stuff. It is very light and delicate and it isn’t overwhelmed...