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Cyber Bullying: 3 Ways To Protect Your Child

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As a new parent, nothing brings me more joy than seeing the smile of my little girl. So as a family, we take pictures of her, and take videos of all her firsts (first steps, first words, etc). We literally have hundreds of pictures/videos of all of her most precious moments. And with the easiness of social media, we don’t have to wait to share them with all of her extended family–just one quick post and they can all see it. Sounds like a great way to include family and friends in precious memories right? However, when Kyra Pringle decided to share a photo of her daughter, who has a rare Chromosome 2 Duplication, she became a meme. It brought to light how many people abuse social media and can really be cruel. Another example is a fighting video that was posted of Ashawnty Davis, a 10-year-old, who later killed herself after being teased about the video. Perhaps you’ve heard about the 16-year-old who also took her own life after a leaked nude picture of her was making its way around her school. Unfortunately, when we share, we open ourselves up to both the good and the bad that social...