Dalvin Cook on Why Everson Griffen Said He Helped Him Get a Gun

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Dalvin Cook has reacted to Vikings’ defensive end Everson Griffen claiming in a disturbing video that he [Dalvin] helped him acquire his gun. Dalvin reacting to Griffen’s claim that he helped him acquire his gun during his media call, said Griffen is his brother and that he wants him to be okay.A disturbing video posted to the Instagram account of Minnesota Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen on Wednesday morning has prompted an ongoing police situation outside of his home.In the video Griffen is seen sitting at his home in the dark with a handgun, describing to those watching that he has a license to carry it and that he’s preparing to defend himself against what he claims is a threat to his life.He notes that he bought ammunition for the gun and that it was acquired with the help of Vikings running back Dalvin Cook.Local authorities released a report late Wednesday mornin