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The daughter of late rapper Young Dolph is making her mark in the fashion industry with her new line. The Aria Collection of the Black Men Deserve To Grow Old (BMDTG) brand is Aria’s way of paying tribute to her father. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Mia Jaye (@iammiajaye) The Aria Collection made its debut on what would have been Young Dolph’s thirty-seventh birthday. The rapper was murdered while giving turkeys to the less fortunate in his hometown of Memphis in 2021. Young Dolph was in town for the holiday season when individuals some believe were paid to execute him murdered the recording artist. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Mia Jaye (@iammiajaye) “It’s been extremely difficult, just having to pick up the pieces and to find the strength for my children, most importantly,” Young Dolph’s longtime partner and the mother of his two children, Mia Jaye, shared. “That is the one thing to Adolph and myself that we felt we had a duty to protect them, raise them, and do so much for them together,” Mia said. “Now that he’s no longer here, it’s tough for me to be strong for them...