DeAndre Baker’s Lawyer Threatens to Sue Quinton Dunbar’s Lawyer Over Dice Game Tweets and Texts; Baker and Dunbar Are Being Accused GTA Style Robbery After Allegedly Losing $70k Gambling (Tweets-Poker-Dice)

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The lawyers are becoming more interesting than the players and the crime. I think in the end Baker and Dunbar are going to get off because the witnesses are going to silence if you smell what the Rock is cooking, but until then at least we have lawyer beef. A photo and text message posted on Twitter on Wednesday by the attorney representing Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar could be construed as damaging to DeAndre Baker as Baker’s name is in the text and there is a tacit suggestion Baker is pictured in the photo, the 22-year-old Giants cornerback’s attorney says. This is not only false, says Patrick Patel — one of the lawyers for Baker — but it is deceitful, sparking an avalanche of accusations against Dunbar’s lawyer, Michael Grieco. “Baker is going to immediately file a lawsuit against Grieco for libel and slander, making everybody believe that Baker is in that picture, because his name is in the text,’’ Patel told The Post. Baker is facing four counts of armed robbery with a firearm and four counts of aggravated assault stemming from an alleged incident last Wednesday night in Miramar, Fla. Dunbar is facing four counts of armed robbery....