Dejounte Murray And His Girlfriend Jania Meshell Break Up Again Over Alleged Secret Affair With His Baby Momma Imani Nicholee

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Dejounte Murray and his girlfriend Jania Meshell seem to be done with their relationship again over an alleged secret affair with his baby momma Imani Nicholee. The breakup also comes after Meshell removed a tattoo of Murray on her chest and replaced it with a new one. Side Action got the juice;Looks like Jania and San Antonio Spurs star Dejounte Murray are once again broken up.This comes after an alleged screenshot of Dejounte Murray’s baby mother, Imani’s, close friends. The story hinted that she was still having romantic relationship with Dejounte.However, his baby mother Imani came out and said the post was fake and she’s currently in a relationship with someone else, not Dejounte. But Jania still broke up with Dejounte over it because she doesn’t know what’s “real or not.”She also was saying she finally found a Cinderella movie type of love. Looks like tattoo #2 might need to be removed now. Dejounte has since deactivated his Instagram. Jania has deleted her Twitter account.