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Who can look at this iconic photo taken Aug. 8, 1978, when Philadelphia police decided to destroy MOVE’s home and organization and make an example of its most outspoken member, Delbert Africa, and not recognize the despicable depravity of the U.S. police state? – Photo: Jim G. Domke, Philadelphia Inquirer by Mumia Abu-Jamal& He was born under the name Delbert Orr but is known in the world as Delbert Africa, a prominent member of the MOVE Organization. In the ‘70s in Philadelphia, he was perhaps its best known and most frequently cited member. With more years than most, he was adept at using the media to spread information and promote MOVE purposes. His country accent around Chicago and his ingenious puns made his remarks interesting and gave them journalistic value. I regret to inform you that Delbert Africa, who won his freedom in January 2020 after 41 years imprisoned, lost his life a few days ago to the ravages of cancer. But this is not the whole story. Late last year, Delbert was urgently taken to a nearby hospital due to an undisclosed disorder. On leaving prison, Delbert consulted with some doctors who were horrified to learn of the drugs...