Democratic Candidate for Texas Lt. Governor Mike Collier Asks “When Are We Fixing The Damn Grid?” After Pointless Patrick Press Conference


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Austin, Texas — Today, after Dan Patrick hosted a press conference to spend 30 minutes whining about Texas Democrats not giving in to Republican-led attempts to restrict voting rights and lying about critical race theory, Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor Mike Collier took the time to ask when exactly Republican leaders were planning to fix the damn grid. Pictured: Mike Collier (Photo Credit:  Texas Democratic Lieutenant Governor Candidate Mike Collier issued the following statement:  “In 30 minutes of addressing the public, not once was there a mention of how Dan Patrick and the Texas Senate planned to address and finally fix the damn grid. No policy proposals, no drafted legislation, no solutions whatsoever. However, he did find the time to bash Harris County.”  “Let’s think about it this way. When it comes to fixing our failing power grid, how many Texans must die, how many jobs must the state lose, how many outages must people suffer through before Dan Patrick actually cares? “Dan Patrick, fix the damn grid.”