Denorver Garrett Was Not Resisting Arrest When 5 Louisville Police Cops Threw Him to The Ground and Started Punching Him in the Face

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You notice how even though it is the cops with the guns, tasers, batons, and all the other stuff they are always ganging up on unarmed individuals?Denorver Garrett has his hands behind his back and is acting very calm when the cops escalate the situation by throwing him to the ground for no reason. Garrett of course sensing his life could be in danger and with five heavily armed cops on his back starts to struggle a bit.The cop then just punches him in the face for no reason at all.It is more than just a few bad apples.The video shows the officers force the man to the ground, and as that’s occurring, one of the LMPD officers begins striking the individual in the face. Once the man is mostly on the ground, the officer can be seen repeatedly striking the individual.